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Wednesday, January 19th, 2011 | Author: lawrence

I went to Have Another #5 this last Monday. I appreciate what Flux Theater is doing, in terms of bringing drama out of the normal context of theater, and showing audiences works that are still raw and evolving.

Photos here.

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011 | Author: lawrence

I love this post by Kristy, wherein she describes the iterative process she followed when working with Flux Theater, developing the imagery for their first show of the season.

The final drawing was pencilled, inked and scanned on a rainy Sunday that was memorable for the number of people bustling around my apartment/studio space, as there was—no lie—a film shoot happening at the same time. As I drew I watched the crew express collective emotions of curiosity/nervousness, skepticism, preparatory feelings of resentment aimed at the uncooperative weather, sleepiness, and, finally, an acceptance of having generally enjoyed themselves.

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Wednesday, January 19th, 2011 | Author: lawrence

I’ve only recently gotten to know Flux Theater, but I have been impressed with what they are doing. Here is an interview with one of the co-founders:

1) Flux Theatre Ensemble has produced nine main stage productions since 2005. You’ve just announced your 2011 season with three plays – Dog Act by Liz Duffy Adams (directed by Kelly O’Donnell), Ajax in Iraq by Ellen McLaughlin (directed by August Schulenburg), and Menders by Erin Browne (directed by you!). How did the company decide to tackle three new plays over the course of 12 months?

As an ensemble company, Flux considers many factors in deciding our seasons. We look at artistic opportunities for members, thematic connection among the plays and, of course, which plays demonstrate our aesthetic values. DOG ACT, AJAX IN IRAQ, and MENDERS comprise Season 4: Don’t Look Away. The three plays, each in its own unique way, all explore the cost of a society constantly remaining vigilant, in particular looking at the watchers and the walls that keep us safe. While Flux has produced classics (Life is a Dream, 2007 and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 2008), we primarily produce new plays, and the three shows this season are all by contemporary playwrights. Dog Act and Ajax are New York premieres and Menders is a world premiere! It was important to us that at least one play in the season be written by a Flux Sunday playwright. “Flux Sundays” are our weekly play development workshops where playwrights, directors & actors convene to loosely stage new scenes written by working playwrights. And Erin Browne is a Flux Sunday regular. Prior to our membership re-design (which you can read more about here:, there was a two part process to season selection: 1) the full ensemble would determine a slate of plays via a complex voting system and 2) core membership would narrow down the slate, voting on the final season. And it was this process that resulted in the amazing season ahead.