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Thursday, February 17th, 2011 | Author: lawrence

The really wonderful Cassandra Long has a blog. She paints, she writes, she photographs. We are talking a true triple threat here. Consider this photo:

She writes:

This cigarette is on my bench on my balcony.

It looks like it’s bleeding.

This might mean something to someone. Bleeding dead cigarette.

It doesn’t mean anything to me. It just looks like it could.

I do love that it could mean something to someone.

Almost poetic, yes? I’m trying to get back into playing guitar, and as soon as I do I’m turning this into a song.

And look, she also paints:

For now, she prefers Boston to New York City, because her landlord is so very wise and insightful (yes, yes, I know. But seriously, this is the story she gave me).

Oh, Cassandra, when are you going to stop tormenting your fans and move to New York City? This rotten old town just isn’t any good without you.