Thursday, April 14th, 2011 | Author: lawrence

Interesting. I just did the same thing, of year of work and then more work and then more work, 60 hours a week, sometimes 70 hours a week, and no social life at all. I’m just coming out of all that now, and trying to build a social life in New York City (I’ve been here almost 2 years now, but I’ve been working like crazy almost the whole time). I wonder how common that is?

As I started to get better, stronger, I started to go completely stir crazy and figured I might as well use the laptop to keep myself entertained. This was a long time ago. There really weren’t all that many entertaining things online. But there was And I was kinda desperate to start dating again. My workaholic lifestyle had taken its toll on my social life and it had been (at least) a year since my last date. So I got myself registered with and within a week had found myself a new guy.

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